About Us

ZipSip is a must have app for rapid delivery of the finest wines, beers and other iconic beverages along with gourmet groceries from around the world and home, right to your doorstep in Colombo, Negombo and Galle.

With nearly a 100 choices in beverages, and other gadgets aimed to enhance your liquid enjoyment at prices we guarantee to be lower than any retail store, ZipSip makes it super easy for anyone to select, buy and enjoy a tasty drink without ever leaving your home.
Why drive to get your favourite drinks? Ever run dry during a weekend afternoon with friends? Planning a last minute dinner and your fridge is empty? And, what about a date night or a urgent gift? ZIP SIP! is your answer.
With a huge selection of wines from seven regions, beer, iconic aerated waters, coffee and some cool hardware & gadgets to enhance your experience, ZIPSiP is the MUST HAVE app for every smartphone user!
Sit back & relax - and enjoy our “luxury liquids” experience. We know you will!
Once downloaded all you have to do is:
1) A minute to register
2) Choose your products
3) Checkout